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Just a day, nothing more
Today is Brie's birthday.
Cat ruined the 'party', so to speak.

Moving on.

Cat just finished reading through her posts about her England Trip, and was appalled at the spelling/grammatical errors. (Bad Cat.)

Brie once told Cat that the 'speaking in third person'-thing was annoying. Cat found it almost endearing.
But maybe Cat is an egoist.

Cat has heard a lot about Facebook recently, and is confused with the fuss. If someone online demands naked pictures of yourself, report it to the police.
Don't do what they tell you.
Cat thinks Facebook rots peoples' brains. (But Cat reads FanFiction, and thus makes a hypocrite of herself.)

Cat has also heard about WikiLeaks, and how the founder is being sued for sexual assault. Whether or not it's true, few people are going to believe the charges - the guy pissed off most of the governments in the world by publishing their Top-Secret 'cables' and he has already been chased out of the US. It's too conveniently timed for most people to believe it.
Cat has suspicions, like everyone else, but no basis of facts.

Brie told Cat about the Percy Jackson books; how mortals can't see the mythological creatures. So if, say, fire giants were having a war, then people would see forest fires. Wicked, right?
Brie's idea was that it would be awesome if news reporters reported fire giants, plagues of imps, rouge trolls, etc. instead of the boring old weather. Cat agrees that it would add a fantastical twist to the daily forecast.

Cat wrote a poem today. It's the first Cat wrote in months.


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