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England Trip, Day 15 - Roman Palace
Cat must take this moment to say, "Roman's are awesome!"

They were brilliant. When they invaded other countries they would approach a local leader and say, "We want you to do what you've always done, but we're going to give you this big house, and all of this money, and you'll do it in the name of the Roman Empire." The only 'fine print' was that the leader had to leave half of everything to the Roman Empire.

Cat loved the museum, which was built over the north wing of the palace. Many remnants of mosaics were still visible. 
But the prize of the collection was the dolphin mosaic, which was in almost perfect condition. 

About 50 years ago, a field outside the village of Fishborne was having a waterway dug through it. Imagine the excavators' surprise when they found Roman ruins. 
For many months the excavation was done by locals and volunteers, but the land was being sold (most likely to a contractor who would build on it).
Luckily, there was a wealthy man in Fishborne who fancied himself an archeologist. He bought the land and built a museum on it to preserve what had been discovered.

The saddest part of this story?
Half of the Roman palace is still underneath the village of Fishborne.

Cat had lots of fun with the Roman Palace, even though the mosaics with plow-scars through them caused Cat pain.

Cat then when to an open-air museum. Basically they took apart old buildings that were about to be demolished and re-built them on their land. 
Cool, ne?

Cat liked the Hill of the Sleeping Ducks, best. 
Seriously, there were about 40 ducks, all asleep. 
It was weird. (Cat desperately wanted to run through them, but she figured they wouldn't have moved.)

But Monday marked the end of Theign's list of Things to Do. 
It is almost time to go home.

Cat saw the English stars for the first time that night.
She decided they looked just like the stars from back home.


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