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England Trip, Day 12 - The White Cliffs
Concerning dinner the night before:
Especially if they involve chocolate.

 Friday started of sluggishly.
The only things Cat can think to note is: 1) Cat is glad she didn't skip, 2) Cat found ketchup in her towel.

Today, Cat traveled to Dover.
Recall those 'White Cliffs' that seem to be almost a world wonder?
They really are that awesome.
Cat wishes she had been able to photograph them.

The first stop was the Dover Museum. Cat has spent soo much time in museums on this trip, Cat wasn't very thrilled.  
However, the boat was cool.
In 1992, a team of street-repair workers were digging when they found the remains of a Bronze Age boat (in the middle of Dover). 
Historians were thrilled, yet panicked; the boat was soo old, the only thing holding it together was the mud and water, as soon as it was exposed to the air it started rotting. The historians wanted that boat, but they knew from the Mary Rose (?) that if they tried lifting it out, it would fall apart.
( Cat has found softwood sticks floating in rivers before, they look like wood and feel like wood, but as soon as she picked them up she realized that they were little more than pulp. The boat was like that.)
Eventually the historians cut the boat into 30-something sections and transported it to large vats filled with a kind of wax solution. After that it was freeze-dried, making the boat strong enough to survive being touched.

Cat was very impressed with Britain.
Cat also learned that most of their museums are funded by the lottery.
Cool, ne?

But Dover Castle was the best part of Day 11.
Cat and Red broke off to explore on their own; they explored the Not So Dim, Yet Scary Tunnels, the Anglo-Saxon church, the Roman lighthouse, and the Castle itself.
Cat loved the castle, and recommends that anyone going to Dover visit it. Cat got to explore narrow passages, see what the castle would have looked like had anyone been living in it recently.
The best part about the castle was the 'ghosts'. Many rooms had hidden audio devices that played sounds one would have heard in that room, including people's voices.
Cat could stop in the 'empty' kitchen and listen to the cooks and scullery maids gossip, in the feast hall Cat could hear the diners and a few individual conversations (depending on where she was standing).
Cat felt like she was walking among ghosts.
But the coolest part was the holograms. They spoke, they were transparent, and they  acted out scenes of what would have been happening. Cat loved it.

After that was dinner in Canterbury. Nothing special, in Cat's opinion.
Brie, on the other hand, has read the Canterbury Tales.
Cat doesn't know, Cat doesn't want to know.

Cat also watched Reign of Fire.
Dragon Apocalypse!


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