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England Trip, Day 9 - Ruins
Cat loves England!
Cat went to Castle Acre Priory with Brie and Theign.
Even though it was mostly ruins, and the wall-stones had fallen away to reveal the inner-wall, it was beautiful. Cat was awed at how beautiful something so sad could be.
Cat was soo moved, she began speaking in an accent. Cat has since had trouble turning it off.
Part of the priory (place where Catholic monks lived and prayed) had been re-created, and Cat got to walk up a still-existing spiral staircase to explore.
Cat got to explore the ruins the way she wasn't allowed to explore the Tower of London.
Cat had fun.

Cat took lots of pictures, but was annoyed with Brie.
Every time Cat lined up a beautiful shot, Brie - who had a little tour radio, and was oblivious to everyone else - waltzed right into every frame! 
Soo many of Cat's shots have Brie-elbows in them!

But Cat got to meet the priory basement cat (lolcatz reference).
It was sitting on a shelf in the priory's gift shop, and when Cat said, "Hi cat." it said, "Meow" back!

After that was the Castle Acres' castle, found just on the other side of town. 
And it was a very small town.
Even though Brie got lost.

The castle was originally a manor house that had the walls built around it to protect it from invaders.
Cat can see how well that worked.
The best part of the castle was the Goat-People Staircase and the Biggest Effing Dandelion Ever.
Yes, Cat named both of those herself.

The staircase was a path worn in the hill (sheep or people?) that Cat used to descend the remains of the bailey's wall. 
It was very steep and slippery, even though it was dry.
Cat can't imagine how bad it must be in the typical English weather.
Thus, Goat-People.

And on that note, Cat wants people to understand that an English summer is usually wet and rainy.
It has been sunny and warm the entire time Cat has been here.
Cat suspects divine interference. 

The Biggest Dandelion is a plant native to this area. 
Cat knows it's not really a dandelion, but it is almost exactly like it, but bigger. 
Imagine it; a dandelion puff-thing the size of your fist.
Cat gets excited thinking about it. - Seeds everywhere!

Walking the castle and priory got Cat sweaty and tiered, so she went in search of the Banham Barrel, a pub rumored to have divine ciders.
After driving through Banham twice, Theign and Brie started be-moaning that the pub might have been closed for years.
Cat was having none of it.- She insisted Brie pull over so she could talk to a local.
Brie was immediately informed of the location of the Barrel, as well as the local's surprise that someone would drive for an hour to eat in Banham, of all places

The Barrel was okay. - The barman was cute, probably about 27. And apparently their cider was as good as rumor. 
There was a bar-cat! It was black with orange speckles and yellowish-green eyes.
And it drooled. A lot.
It also liked Brie, much to her chagrin.
Brie thinks cats are evil. (Brie is violently allergic to cats, and she believes they know this, which is why they 'love her' soo much.)
Cat admits that this is a possibility. After all, "Deloris Umbridge likes cats. Therefore, cats must be evil".

On the way back to the Bay Horse, Cat saw a fox, and Theign a small deer.
Red skipped adventuring so he could do laundry.
So everything Cat just described? Yeah, he missed it.

Cat is currently in the Royal Oak, since they remain the only place in town (besides a Wimpy burger joint) that has Wi-Fi. 
Theign is checking his email. 
Brie is smashed, and being taught billiards by an Irish lady who calls everyone 'sweetheart'. 
Red is babysitting Brie.


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