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England Trip, Day 8 - West Stow

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to take pictures from within a moving vehicle. 
Sad Cat.

Cool Thing # 1: The water towers in England are large, concrete, and have ramparts.
Cat loves the water towers, she thinks they look like steampunk castles.

Cool Thing # 2: Minors are allowed to drink alcohol in England, even though they may not buy it. 
Brie takes much joy in encouraging Cat and Red to partake in the ciders, malts, beers, brandies, whiskeys, ales, wines, and shiraz. Cat still doesn't like alcohol - it makes her thirsty.

West Stow is where the remains of an Anglo-Saxon village was found. Now the 140 acres draw tourist with the re-created villages and re-enactment troops (like SCA, but they get paid to do it). 
At WS, archeologists have re-created what they think the houses were originally. It's like a giant experimentation lab where they can test different theories in practice, to see if they can work.

Cat liked the chicken/chicks. They make this adorable 'cheep' sound.
And the pigs.
They sounded nice too.

Brie left the gift-shop with a stack of books (more than 75 BP), including an illustrated Beowulf and a book about how Tolkien based Middle-Earth after Anglo-Saxon and Norse mythology. The book explains more of where his ideas came from, and the history of the Anglo-Saxon, but Cat was interested and pushed it Brie's way.

Cat eventually returned to the Royal Oak to update Days 5-8. (Cat typed them on Word beforehand.)

Cool Thing # 3: Pedestrians have the right-of-way. 
Cat is still finding it hard to accept that the cars will stop if she's crossing. 

Cool Thing # 4: (Monday sure has a lot of Cool Things.) English drivers are both fearless and polite, a combination Cat didn't believe to be possible.
There is a lot of sharing the road. Drivers are often having to move to the right lane to swerve around parked cars. 

Cool Thing # 5: Cat finds the X-ing signs to be amusing. So far 'elderly people' and 'toad' are her favorite.


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