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England Trip, Day 14 - Arundel
Sunday, July 4th, Cat left the Black Horse Inn of Thurnham and headed to Arundel and St. Mary's Gate Inn.
Cat is currently sharing #3 with Red.

Upon arrival, Cat immediately went toward Arundel Castle. 
It was amazing! And in prestine condition!
Cat learned that the current Duke of Arundel lives their with his wife and five children. (One of which celebrated their 21st yesterday.)
Cat can't imagine letting people into your house like that. But Cat kept in mind that this was someone's home, so she respected the 'No Photos' signs when they appeared. Cat figured that if the family was gracious enough to allow people to see their home and all of the history in their, they also have their reasons for not allowing photographs.

Cat also got to explore an extensive garden. To Cat's shock, she could seen the St. Mary's Gate Inn on just the other side of the wall.
It was a big freaking castle, with at least three separate buildings and many gardens, only a couple open to the public.

Random thing about England, #1: Most toilets have two different switches, a small and a large. (For the small and large jobs.)

Random thing about England, #2: People don't drink milk here. Milk is often served in tea and coffee, and that's it. Cat has gotten many an odd look when requesting milk at the bar, but so far no one has failed to serve.
Cat would like to thank all English barmen/women who will serve milk to Americans.
So milk can't be bought by the gallon at M&S, only pint or half-pint. This also means that 2% doesn't exist here.
For the first time in her life, Cat has gotten to drink Whole Milk, and Cat loves it.

Random thing about England, #3: 'Pudding' can refer to sausage, bread, or dessert, depending on the context. 


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